The new Lumu App

June 23, 2016

“I think the real value concerns the potential for technology to reveal something that was not visible before.”

— Design for Dasein, Thomas Wendt

The New Lumu app is made to be a tool that helps you do your best work. It does not want attention, it does not want to stand in the way. It is not an object of admiration. It doesn’t have a lot of features. It doesn’t need them.

It does, and it should help you do one thing really, really well.

Focus on what matters

When we set off to build a completely new Lumu, we wanted it to replace the chunky old way of doing things. By making the Lumu Power for the iPhone, we replaced a huge device with a tiny one.

But instead of adding a million features, we want you to do that one task you are supposed to do, without the unnecessary hassle.

Made to be used, and abused

The new Lumu app is made to work for all situations with both the Lumu Lite and Lumu Power device. It has different modes for different use cases and an almost limitless path for improving the user’s experience of using the device.

The app and it’s look reflect how we think about the world at large. It’s a robust look with a lot of constraints that enable us as designers to make the best use of the space we have on the screen.

New Lumu app

From left to right: our old Lumu Photo app, the dark iteration in the middle and the final, clean version on the right.

New Lumu app

It became clear that we wouldn’t want to clutter the screen too much with unnecessary baggage. We got rid of it, so you can focus on that one information you actually need, yet access everything else with minimum number of strokes.

New Lumu app

The Notes feature was the most complicated one to build but we had to do it from scratch. We listened a lot to your feedback and we believe we figured it out this time. Nonetheless, you shall be the final judge once we push it live.

The new app supports the Lumu Light Meter as well as Lumu Power with new features that we are expecting to ship every month.

If you’d like to try our beta app you are welcome to send us an email and apply to our early test group: