Lumu Power manufacturing and shipping update

May 15, 2017

Lumu Power manufacturing and shipping update

We sent out first 192 Lumu Power light meters to the first Kickstarter backers. And we temporarily halted the manufacturing in order to improve one step in the process. 

The goal is to ship and fulfill all remaining orders until 10th of June. It’s a timeline based on all the information available to us at the moment. In this matter, we greatly relay on our manufacturing partners. We are producing 5000 devices, which will cover all Kickstarter pledges and website pre-orders.
When your device is shipped out, an email with the tracking number is sent to you automatically. The delivery is carried out by DHL which has proved to be very reliable and often delivers the devices in a matter of days.

The reason for delay is that we noticed small cracks appearing on the surface of the plastic part (Sleeve) that covers the Lightning connector. The first batch of devices was not laser welded as specified and needed small hand repairs in every unit. Which resulted in the formation of cracks.

We decided to replace the metal part that connects the Lightning connector and metal casing with thinner sheet metal to gain more airiness in the Lightning connector assembly. Things went bad and stamping tool broke down. The stamping tool is being repaired and test run will be performed with some adjustments in the assembly process sequence to eliminate the risk of cracks. Once we give confirmation of approval, the production line will run out smoothly, as everything else is already sorted out.


A couple of devices from the first shipment might display these small cracks in plastic. This fault is only of cosmetic nature and does not impact the functionality of Lumu Power. Connector still withstands all specified strain and doesn't bend or brake because of it. We will make replacements to all of those Kickstarter backers who noticed them. But only as soon as all of you will receive your Lumu Power. 

We are getting lots of positive feedbacks from the first recipients, such as:

“I just received my Lumu Power and couldn’t be more thrilled. Lumu team, you’ve outdone yourselves; this tool is amazing. I backed the original Lumu and really enjoyed using it. Lumu Power is, however, on another level. Good luck to fellow backers as shipments continue to roll-out, this thing is worth the wait." — Kickstarter backer: Michael Fernald

A couple of unboxing photographs, shared via Instagram/Facebook in the past days:


And we also get questions similar to: "What happened to have as many delays for my delivery?"

My responsibilities within Lumulabs are divided between research, development and manufacturing of the new Lumu Power. Two main reasons for delays, from my perspective:
  • it was harder to develop Lumu Power and 
  • it took us more time to get it into manufacturing 
than we expected in the first place. We also learned some new lessons: 
  • Every single thing that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong at some point. 
  • Always add some amount of slack to your time plan - there will always come some unimaginable surprise.
All the actual reasons are well documented in our past Kickstarter updates, which you received by email as well.

But the main reason for overall delay is that we dedicated ourselves to make a great light meter, to design it from the ground up - hardware and software, with usability in mind and from the modern perspective. 
The average age of the product and engineering team behind Lumu Power is less than 30 years. This is our advantage and weakness at the same time. We have fresh view about many things, which enables us to come up with new ideas. To challenge the status quo. But on the other hand we naturally lacked experience and had to learn a lot of new things and skills to realise our vision. Trust me, we didn't have much rest during the past year. 

We set out to make the best light metering device ever made: we combined ambient, flash and color temperature metering into one device. As accurate as possible. It hasn't been done yet by no other company in the light metering industry, and there are a couple of companies which are making light meters for at least 40+ years. 

I know it must be frustrating for you to wait for the product this long. It is frustrating for us as well. But you’ll thank me after you receive and start using it. We will never let you down. 

In case of any additional questions - please write to us at

Thanks for your understanding and
With Lumulove,
Marko Pirc. 
Lumulabs d.o.o.