April 20, 2020


What the flash?

Back in the day, when film used to be slow, photographers relied on enourmous external flashes to even get an exposure on film. But digital cameras today tend to be very sensitive to light - meaning, we almost exclusively (technically) don’t have a need for them. But here’s the catch.



Flashes shouldn’t be something we use just to increase the exposure anymore. When used creatively, they should fill the image with electricity, dominate its look and feel, arrest it with its violent exposure. Or perhaps something completely opposite. Use it subtly, to separate your subjects from the background or completely freeze motion.




Flash of inspiration

Here are two creative ways to use flash to create a stunning photo.


To create more drama when shooting outside, mix ambient with flash light. It gives your subject substance making it stand out, while bringing detail from the background.





Your flash duration can easily replace your shutter speed setting. Literally freeze motion in a flash.





Measure with Lumu in a flash

Whether you work in a studio or in the field, Lumu can help you explore its potential.





Here at Lumu, our goal is to reduce that gap between your creative vision and a wholesome final product. With that in mind, we’re launching a new segment of the Lumu experience on all of our social platforms - Lumu 101. Each week we’ll provide beginners and professionals with tips on how to improve and become the master of your Lumu app, and take your skills to the next level. Until next time,