March 30, 2020


What is Illuminance?

Light creates the space around us. But its density defines its meaning, mood, and purpose.

Put simply, Illuminance tells us how much light hits the surface. To be exact, it tells us the density of light at any given point on surface. It is defined by incident light - the “incident” being the light that isn’t reflected, but absorbed by the surface. Using a light meter such as Lumu, we can measure Illuminance in Lux (lx) or Footcandles (fc) at any given time or place. 

Yet it is impossible to see a footcandle or lux with our bare eyes...




Why is Illuminance meaningful?

Measuring Illuminance directs the aesthetic and psychological effect light has on our senses. When calculated properly, its main purpose is to work in favor of our sensations, to visually stimulate our perception and emphasize the creative features of any given space or design. Most often used in production design, theater and architecture, Illuminance is the least expensive way to measure light. And with Lumu, also the simplest.



While Illuminance may seem like something professional and unnecessary, it can be easily adjusted in your own home or office.


To get the most basic understanding of the light your space is receiving, try measuring Illuminance with you Lumu on your workstation, desk etc... Simply put it next to the surface, whether you have natural light or a lighting fixture. The graphic below should help you understand the recommended Illuminance your space shoud have. Play with different light compositions that suit your needs and achieve the desired atmosphere.



How to measure Illuminance on Lumu?



 If you don’t prefer using a metric system you can always change your unit to Footcandles. Just hit the settings icon in your upper right corner on your Illuminance menu. Alternatively, you can also turn on EV100, and simultaneously see you Exposure Value.



Job well done.


Here at Lumu, our goal is to reduce that gap between your creative vision and a wholesome final product. With that in mind, we’re launching a new segment of the Lumu experience on all of our social platforms - Lumu 101. Each week we’ll provide beginners and professionals with tips on how to improve and become the master of your Lumu app, and take your skills to the next level.

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