Kevin Lee, winner of the Ansel Adams challenge

February 24, 2015

Kevin Lee is a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. And the winner of the Lumu Ansel Adams Challenge! We did a short interview with him:


Your personal story with photography. 
My earliest memory of creating a photograph was during the night of my Aunt Cherlyn’s wedding reception. I was 13 years old when I curiously reached for one of the disposable film cameras laid out as party favors on the dining table. Ever since that moment I’ve been fascinated by photography and have acquired more cameras than I care to admit. As my passion for this art continues to grow, I’ve explored profound ways to communicate ideas and evoke honest emotion through still images. This unique ability to transcend language and cultural barriers is especially interesting to me as I pursue a new focus towards documentary photography.


#LumuAnselContest Because Ansel Adams has always been a great inspiration for my photography, I am deeply humbled and incredibly honored to have been selected. It’s an unforgettable thing that I hope will spark others the way Ansel Adams has influenced my work.


Kevin’s winning photograph: Ocean Beach, San Francisco
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What’s in your bag? For most of my personal work, I prefer to shoot film. I am drawn to the “film look” and enjoy the challenge of developing prints in the darkroom. I recently started shooting medium format and have fallen in love with film all over again.