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August 19, 2016

These Kickstarter updates are getting ever so easier to write down the more our whole Lumu Power development processes move forward. It’s only logical, the more it gets done the more we have to show you.

We talked about installing that 24/7 camera in our previous update but instead I would like to kindly invite you to follow our Instagram account (LINK) for more frequent, short & sweet updates. Since they implemented their own version of snaps in it, why not use it for our benefit?

OK, onto the details!

Electronics & Hardware assembly

The electronics circuit board design is now done. They are now being printed and we expect them in our offices next week, together with other hardware pieces which will be assembled into our first pilot prototype series. The final design of this series won’t be the one that’s going to be used for final production but it will be very close to that. The basic premise of this series is to test it extensively, to see how all parts fit together and to see if there are any errors either in our design or in the production line. Elemental production hygiene, so to speak.

What parts are to be assembled, you ask? Let’s take a look!

Lumu Power update #11

Electronic circuit board — the flat diffuser side with the collimator on top of the True Color sensor.

Lumu Power update #11

Electronic circuit board — the dome diffuser side with Hamamatsu photodiode in the center.

Lumu Power update #11

20x20 cm plate of 100 collimators. Only one is used per unit, on top of the True Color sensor.

Lumu Power update #11

The final version of collimators are expected next week, they will be slightly thinner and laser drilled.

Lumu Power update #11

The Lightning connectors will be ordered in bulk once we have the final version of our product plan ready. That is expected to be done once we finish with the prototype testing.

Lumu Power update #11

The cable which will connect the Lightning connector with the circuit board is basically done but we will make some slight adjustments so it can be easier soldered together.

Lumu Power update #11

The shield (of the Lightning connector) is done. If you look carefully you’ll notice it’s going to be laser welded on one side only (thug life certified).

Lumu Power update #11

The sleeve is done, the prototypes are expected to be SLA (Stereolithography) printed and delivered next week.

Lumu Power update #11

All three pieces assembled together, without the sleeve.

Lumu Power update #11

The metal ring case is done. Displayed here without the engraving.

Lumu Power update #11Lumu Power update #11

The flat diffuser and the dome are done. Also awaiting the SLA prints next week.

Lumu Power update #11

Exploded view of all parts mentioned. The assembly should be easy but the end product as solid as possible.

Lumu Power update #11

So the sleeve covers the shield once everything is put together. Then it will undergo the “BREAK OR BEND” test. FYI: it needs to snap off when certain pressure is applied.

Lumu Power update #11

Another angle.

Lumu Power update #11

And another one.

Lumu Power update #11

The same goes for the packaging — SLA prints come next week.

Lumu Power update #11

Looks pretty cool, isn’t it? :)

iOS app

The beta app is out and your first impressions are duly noted. We will take a thoughtful look at your feedback once the pilot series is done with testing.

Remember — there is no bad feedback so please “bombard” us with your thoughts, compliments, critique, suggestions, pizza … we’ll take whatever you throw at us! :)

If there’s anybody else with a Lumu light meter out there that still hasn’t tried our brand new app I sincerely hope this comment below will steer you to change your mind.

“I downloaded the new version and after the first look & fast test the design in switching between single measure and multimeasure in one feature of the app is really good!”

(Claus Watzdorf)


Today is World Photo Day, marking the invention of photography. Here’s to the images that give us new perspective on the world, bringing us closer together.

Lumu with the Olympic rings in Rio de Janeiro

A postcard from Rio from Nicholas Dale, NBC’s professional gaffer. A reminder from us, the Lumu community, to celebrate the 177 years of Photography.

As always, let us know below in the comments what are your thoughts about whatever … we’ll gladly answer to all of your questions.

Power on Lumunauts!