Featured photographer #34: George Muncey

December 28, 2015

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Introducing a talented young photographer from London / Hampshire!

Your personal story with photography. I’ve been taking photos as long as I remember, I bought my first digital camera when I was about 12 years old and always had great fun taking quick pics of anything and everything. However my actual passion for photography came a bit later as I progressed to using a DSLR when I was 14, messing about and trying to take more creative photos, I then progressed to working in a photography studio when I was 15, getting some work experience through school and then maintaining a part time job from there on, assisting with weddings and commercial shoots. Since then i’ve been working on all sorts, from shooting products for catalogs, weddings and portraits. But truly in the last year or so as i’ve turned 19 I have found my area of work that I really enjoy, since September 2014 i’ve started shooting on film cameras, almost now completely ditching digital, and mainly shooting portraits and events for a few magazines.


What are you proud of? I think my greatest accomplishment would be getting one of the pictures I took in the summer of 2014 displayed in the Saatchi Gallery in London. It’s a picture of two policeman on horses looking at a block of flats covered in England flags, it isn’t the most skilled photograph, I was just in the right place at the right time.


What do you carry around in your camera bag? I don’t actually own a camera bag! My kit quickly outgrew my bag a few years ago when I upgraded my camera and since then i’ve had to be using my rucksack and some clothing to keep everything from banging into eachother.

The actual contents though are:

  • Leica M6 with a Zeiss 50mm planar F2,
  • Hasselblad 500c/m with a 80mm F2.8,
  • Contax T2, 
  • Sony A7S with a commlite adapter to use my Canon 16-35 F2.8, Canon 50mm F1.4 and Sigma 85mm F1.4
  • Sony microphone for when I shoot video,
  • A few rolls of film of different sizes and types,
  • Some ND filters for video,
  • And my Lumu

If you could give one piece of advice to fellow photographers, what would it be? Always carry a camera with you, even if this is the one on your phone, never regret not having a camera to take that picture and there’s no such thing as too many pictures! You only get better through practice so just get out there and shoot, everyone’s learning.


What do you want to achieve through your work? I’d love to leave a mark with my photography after i’ve passed away, whether this being through storytelling or capturing the essence of the place or time that I lived in. I love the way that streets can be conveyed through photographs and I’d love to give future generations a perception of what London looked like whilst I was around.



Anything about you to share with other people? You can find the most of it on www.georgemuncey.com or on any of my social media: