Featured #7: Rizal Wy

July 17, 2014

oz 135-025
Personal intro.
I always think myself as an artist wannabe… because I always enjoy art or making “art”, but never good in doing it. I’m doing 9-5 office works, but luckily, it’s still a family business, so I can take my spare time to do what I like as a side job.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment as a photographer so far? Greatest accomplishment….. it’s the moment I fall in love with photography all over again. I always love watching people… what they do, how they do it. Love watching National Geographic channel and dreaming about being or doing what they do. I always think kinda fun to see people, and making up stories about what they do, or what they’re doing…
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Your beginnings? With my photography, it started as a project in my college days… that’s when I started to observe people, surrounding, lights… And the idea of capturing a part of the world in a small picture, that kinda excites me.

My first camera was EOS 300 (the one using film). I got zero knowledge about film, and taking photos was quite expensive in my college days. So when the digital world started.. I got pretty excited (well… who didn’t?) I changed my eos 300 with eos 300D. ..lol… and later, 5D, and a lot later, 5D mk2. They served me well, but as time goes by, taking photos become quite bland… it just click click click. And then fix it in the computer later.
One of my friends in OZ got into film photography again, and that kinda make me quite curious..so I jumped in also.

This is greatest satisfaction of my photography life. Film photography got me fall in love again with photography. I missed the feeling when you consider lots of stuff before pressing the shutter button. How you make an instant picture in your mind, and debating with your inner self how you want to expose your film… and at last…getting excited getting your film develop… it’s all magical… lol..
What do you think is the greatest power of photography? Story telling… I’m not a talker..never good with words… I like when someone looks at your picture, and takes time to look closely at the every detail… not just flipping through pages. I like seeing them make a small hint of smile while seeing my picture… that is what I always want to achieve with my photography. 

What inspires you? People. Watching people always inspires me… Oh… and kids…. Usually in a wedding, when I got bored taking pictures…or out of inspiration, I usually observed little kids… they always light up the mood.

What do you carry around in your camera bag? How it affects your process? Lumu. :)  I don’t always carry my camera around..so I’m not taking picture all the time.. but bringing Lumu with me, usually I take the meter anyway, and make a mental picture on my mind..this is good for practicing…I think..hahaha
if I do take camera, usually I bring my leica M3+Nokton 50/1.5 and if I got extra space, I’ll bring either my Bronica SQ or Mamiya 645. (depends if I want to make square or 6x5 format).

I prefer my Bronica over my Mamiya 645. Why? First, I love square format… I find it funny… Second, my Bronica has a waist level finder. I think it’s more low profile and I got less people noticing when taking pictures… which is making me more convenient.
If you could give one piece of advice to fellow photographers, what would it be? Not just see things..but observe… It’s ok to miss your moment and not taking photo… but please do always take mental picture in your mind. Sometimes I miss some moment….but in other time, I got other things that pretty interesting as well… world is full of interesting things going on.. u missed some, and you will always got some..

Links to your work, or any other link you would like to share with other people. Not doing any official professional works right now, since my office works demands more of my time … but I do still do weddings or family photos occasionally.
You can contact me by my instagram acc @rizalwy or my facebook acc facebook.com/moxsphotography
I don’t even got time to update my FB acc….lol… anyway I’m always open for discussion or anything :) Keep it relax and fun! You and Lumu rocks !!

Head over to Lumu flickr page and check more of Rizal’s work!
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