Featured #4 : Thomas Ribière

July 02, 2014


Tell us something about yourself. I was born in Versailles, near Paris, but spent most of childhood in Slovenia, and travelling with my dad’s work. Worked for Leica Camera in Paris, now travelling in Japan.

I started taking photos thanks to my dad. He gave me his old Fujica ST 801 Camera from the 70’s. I started to learn from there, aperture, shutter speed, how it worked. I was around 14-16 years old. Then starting to do some labo around 18, processing my black and white films… And never stopped :). It definitely affect my way of looking things, sometimes I stop and stay for few seconds observing light or architecture. I am very sensitive into framing. I like a lot B&W and landscape architecture, very quiet shot, not so many action. 

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What inspires you?
If I have to give one photographer it would be Bruce Davidson’s Circus series (even if I really admire all his work). But not only photographers, architecture magazines website like Archdaily…

Your camera bag?
In my Billingham I have two cameras : 
- Leica MP + 50 mm Summicron 
- Sony RX1 with his 35mm f2 and 
- Lumu
Films : Ilford HP5+, Portra 400

Mostly analog shooting when I am in a creative mood and digital for everyday. Not the same way of working, I like taking time so the analog is my favorite, shooting into a rangefinder as a Leica is so much fun!


Something about the photographs you are sharing with us. All the pictures sent are made in Japan where I currently reside since 3 months, I am working on a series of pictures of railways employees into the Tohoku Shinkansen’s.

Words of wisdom? Photography is a science, but more important than settings is the vision and framing. Take all the time you need and if you do pictures in automatic mode that’s ok with me if you show something. 

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Links to your work! The best is to keep an eye into my 500px page or my page on Facebook.