Featured #3: Stephen Villa

July 01, 2014

Introducing another Lumu user, Stephen Villa. His IG profile says: “Film - Rolleiflex - Adventures”. Check below if it’s true.

img166 copy

What do you wanted to become in the childhood? I wanted to become a doctor and help people.

How would you describe your photography? I want to capture the raw emotion in the photograph. The greatest power in photography in my opinion is the ability to control the viewer’s emotions, to make them feel a certain way.

Ashley020 copy
Which photographs you are sharing with us? My family and friends are what mostly inspire me. I’m just currently working on shooting portraits of all my friends.
What’s in your camera bag? How it affects your process? I carry around my Rolleiflex tlr, film, iPod, Lumu light meter, shutter release cable, and my Canon 35mm film camera. I can’t leave the house without them!


If you could give one piece of advice to fellow photographers, what would it be? Just shoot what you love and love what you shoot.

Explore more of Stephen’s work! stephenvilla.vsco.co
Check other photos at Lumu flickr page.