Featured #15: Trond Kristiansen

October 16, 2014

Personal intro. I am 46 years old, a father and husband. I live in the town of Bodø above of the arctic circle i North Norway. 

I have MA in Open and Distance Education and spend my daytime working with e-learning systems and course development for Nordland Hospital Trust.

What did you want to become in the childhood? Both my parents worked in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, so naturally I wanted to be a fighter pilot. 


What is your story? I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago I felt the need to slow down and find something that would keep my head buzy in a health way so I took up pinhole photography after seeing Steve Goslings Lensless Landscapes.

At first with a Skinkpinhole and my NEX-5 and later with analoge pinhole cameras. My frist pinhole camera was the 612F from Zero Image. 

Pinholing became a therapeutic activity. Shooting pinholes and developing the films and paper negatives is very rewarding. I use the Lumu Lightmeter for all my analog photography.

How did you start?
 My father was interested in photography and his interest rubbed off on me. When a regional airline in my home town closed down their photography activities, and were throwing away their darkroom my dad salvaged it and built a big darkroom in pur basement. 

So I was fortunate to grow up with a darkroom all through my teenage years. Fantastic years! Then after my national military service photography as a hobby went dormant for years as I got an education and started a family. As the kids grew older I started photographing again.

The favorite photograph you took? My favorite photograph is a fairly recent one. It was a foggy sunday morning but the light was amazing, and this photo captures the atmosphere and light very well. It is shot with a Zero Image 612F and Velvia 50. I used the Tetenal E-6 developer.

What do you think is the greatest power of photography? I think Henry David Thoreau sums it up by saying “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”

Through photography we can show ourselves and others around us what we feel and see.

It helps me stay happy, and if I can bring joy others by sharing my photos then that is an added bonus. 


And your goal? To run two photography courses for cancer patients for the cancer outreach program.

What do you carry around in your camera bag? I have three camera bags, one is usually digital and one is ready for analog. But I usually pack depending on what I want to photograph. 

My go-to cameras is my Zero Image 612F loaded with PAN-F+ and a Sony NEX-5 with a wide angle. Anyways I like to get real close to the action, and this time I was caught in a surprisingly big wave and both I and the camera were under water for a short time. I was lucky, I left wet with a bruised pride and a dead NEX-5.

I use the same tripod for all my cameras. 

If you could give one piece of advice… Don’t stop experimenting, make sure you have fun, but remember be systematic and patient in your explorations.

Where can people see your work? http://flickr.com/trondk

–> Check out all work of Trond on Lumu flickr profile!