Featured #1: Josh Bordelon

June 16, 2014


Tell us something about yourself. My name is Josh Bordelon, I grew up in Houston, TX and I’m currently employed by Apple. My free time is spent exploring Austin TX or other parts of Texas with my girlfriend, camera in tow of course, developing film, and skateboarding.

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Your personal story with photography. I think my photo story started with skateboarding. like skateboarding it was an outlet to free my stress and creativity, a way to unwind. My friends and I were always filming our tricks and we would shoot some photos here and there but that died out. It wasn’t until college that i picked the camera up again and when I bought my first love-the Nikon FM2n. While I was still shooting skateboarding stuff with my friends, i also began to venture out into other styles of photography. 


What do you carry around in your camera bag? The bag I’m currently rockin is the Ona Bowery bag. It’s the perfect sized bag. In it I can fit my Leica M4-P + Voigtlander 28/2, & M2/M6 with the Canon 50/1.4 LTM, 90% of the time loaded with Kodak Tri-X, the other times I’m shooting Kodak Gold 200, Kodak Portra 160/400, or Fuji 400H. Sharpie, Pen, notebook and my LUMU light meter. I don’t always carry two cameras, but sometimes i have two  each loaded with different speed Tri-X or one color and one black and white. I primarily shoot BW for many reasons, I enjoy the look it has, the romantic feel it gives, but I also enjoy the process of learning the film’s characteristics along with developing and scanning from home. It’s all one big process and a way for me to escape and get lost in. I’m not by any means against digital, in fact I shoot a Canon 5D MKii with a 35L and a 50L and love it. both mediums give off totally different feels. Film just requires more thought in different areas and i think thats one of the things that draws me in.

What do you shoot or want to achieve with your photography? As for subject matter I shoot a variety of things, be it weddings, portraits, lifestyle and street photography, all of it. I’d say though that I’m drawn to portraits more than the others. Something about peoples expressions, I guess its something we can all relate to. For me, what makes a good photo stand out from the rest would be the emotion or connection the viewer pulls from it. What seems like a simple image being shot can actually catch so much emotion. It captures a moment in time that tells a story that can be universally felt.


What inspires you? My inspiration comes from many things, cliché as that is, but my friends play a big part in that as well as other photographers and creatives in general. One of my favorite things is nerding out with fellow photogs. Its interesting for a group of people with the same interest to come together and see the same subject so differently.

Any words of wisdom you would give to other photographers? Hmm I’d say one of the best things you can do is shoot for yourself. Shoot how and what makes you enjoy it more. 

Keep growing, keep pursuing and #staybrokeshootfilm :)

Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts Josh, it’s been a pleasure!

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