A year behind us

December 16, 2014

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
This is one of the very first photographs, created with the Lumu light meter prototype, almost two years ago:


Our mission was to help you express yourself. To give you a companion and find your own creative light.

In July 2013, we Kickstarted our idea. More than 2400 people joined our journey, helping us to reach 1200% of the original goal. 

And we made it. Exactly one year ago, the very first Lumus left the warehouse:


Since then, Lumutribe is getting bigger and bigger. 
These are just a few images created with Lumu as of today. By you:

flickr photos collage

They are our pride. And we lost a count of them. With Lumu, your inner world just shines brighter for all of us to see.

2014 will soon be behind us. Because of you, this was a wonderful year. Thank you. 
We will keep surprising you. What will your New Year’s resolution be? 

Happy Holidays