Spot Metering

Seize the light and improve your images. Start your journey with a simple feature of reflective light metering. Just point at your subject and get the light right.

Photo Ambient

Accurate exposure is essential to the nature of image making. With Lumu device you can measure ambient light to perfect your photos. Press Start and read F-stop, shutter speed and ISO values you should use.

According to your camera settings you can also choose Exposure compensation or ND filter compensation.

You can take a single measurement or meter the light multiple times and read the average. There is also a pinhole mode made especially for the fans of the alternative photographic techiques.


Measuring exposure for the moving images is simple. Set the ISO, Frames per second, Exposure time/Angle and read the Aperture to use for the scene.

Photo Flash

Flash can be measured as easily as other light with Lumu Power. Set the camera parameters and trigger the flash. Read the flash graph.

White Balance

Color has the power to influence how we feel without us even noticing it. Read the light color in Kelvin and Green/Magenta shift and match your camera White balance. If you work as a lighting designer or Director of Photography, Filters mode will help you to measure the color difference between multiple light sources and help you to choose the right filter to match them.


Accuracy that can be utilised even for scientific purposes. Chromaticity of the measured light is shown in CIE 1931 color space along with X,Y and Z coordinates and Duv and CCT values.


Whether you are a lighting engineer, an architect, a home-grower or just like to learn about light, the Illuminance mode is made for simple and exact reading of light in Lux of Fc.